HDTV Televisions - Positive and Negative Points

Published: 16th April 2009
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These days, many people are buying HDTV televisions, and for some, this fact alone is a good reason to save up for one. Before you swipe your card or take the cash out of your wallet, though, it's best to learn more about HD televisions first, starting with their pros and cons.

One of the main pros of HDTV televisions is the fact that they provide better picture quality, particularly because they offer better screen resolution. In fact, the resolution of HDTVs is ten times better than regular TV sets. Because they are widescreen, HDTV televisions have a better aspect ratio, too, which simulates watching movies in a theatre.

High definition televisions also have the capacity to display images in a single frame - a feat known as progressive scanning. Because they use digital signals, you won't have to worry about ghost images, too, or seeing double images next to each other. You won't even have to worry about not seeing the picture clearly when you're on the far side of the room because of the wider viewing angle that HDTVs offer.

Superior sound quality is also another advantage of HDTV televisions. While analog televisions offer only two audio channels, HDTVs have 5.1 channels of Dolby Digital surround sound, which are sent to six speakers throughout the room. The result are clearer, more distinct sounds which truly make you feel like you are watching in your own movie theatre.

As for the cons, HDTV televisions alone are not enough to provide you with the entire High Definition experience. If that's waht you're after, you'll need to buy an HDTV tuner to help you receive High Definition content, as well as an HDMI cable and a Blu-Ray player so you can watch high-quality movies.

Finding High Definition content can be a problem, too, since not all TV shows or movies are broadcasted in HD. After all, the mandate of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is to make everyone use digital TV signals, not necessarily HDTV televisions. To get HD content then, you'll need to subscribe to HD programming or buy Blu-Ray discs. Even then, you'll only get limited HD content.

The main disadvantage of HD televisions, though, is the cost. Indeed, HD technology is still expensive and may be for a couple more years. HDTV televisions alone can cost up to $3000 while the accessories, HD subscription and Blu-Ray discs can put a dent in your savings, too.

Now that you know the pros and cons of HDTV televisions, you should be able to make a better decision about buying one. If you do decide to go ahead with the purchase, make sure you choose carefully so you can get your money's worth and enjoy the ultimate TV viewing experience.

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