Holidays in Russia - Shopping Guide for Tourists

Published: 17th March 2009
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Russia is a country known for its interesting history, world-class ballet performances and magnificent architecture - all of which combine for unforgettable holidays in Russia. True, you cannot bring these home with you but there are certainly many great souvenirs you can buy.

Vodka - Russia is well known for its vodka so it's a good idea to buy a bottle before you return from your holidays in Russia. Russian vodka is considered the best, too, particulary because of the high production standards established since the late 19th century.

If you want something with less alcohol, though, you can get Russian champagne as an excellent addition to your home cellar, which is even a better companion for caviar (also widely sold in Russia). You can bring home some Russian tea from the Krasnodar region, too, which is just as distinct in flavor.

Matryoshka dolls - Unlike most dolls, Matryoshka dolls are unique because they are wooden, handpainted and stackable, which make them great souvenirs of your holidays in Russia.

Lacquer boxes - These papier-mache boxes from the Fedoskino village are an outstanding example of Russian folk art. They may appear expensive at first, but don't be afraid to negotiate for a lower price. Remember to ask for a certificate of authenticity, too.

Aside from lacquer boxes, you can also buy chess sets, birch picture frames and wooden figurines as artistic tokens of your holidays in Russia. You can buy Faberge egg replicates, as well, to place on your shelf or office desk.

Amber jewelry - Large deposits of amber can be found on the shores of the Baltic Sea, which is why amber jewelry is popular in Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg. You can buy Alexandrites, too, during your holidays in Russia. The Alexandrite is a gem named after a Russian czar which can appear green during the day and red at night.

Fur hats - Russian fur hats or Ushanka are both fashionable and warm, which is why they should be on your shopping list before you end your holidays in Russia. If you come from a warm country, though, you can buy a woolen shawl, instead, particularly a Pavlovsky Posad Wool Shawl.

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