How to Delay the Appearance of Crow's Feet

Published: 02nd April 2009
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As we age, wrinkles and fine lines radiate around the corners of our eyes. These wrinkles are called crow's feet and are normal in people who are advancing in age. It doesn't strictly occur at an advanced age, some people acquire crow's feet at an early age. For some people, the lines and creases appear deep and long but for some, these are not very noticeable.

Crow's feet are a natural occurrence to people who are aging. It has been said that too much exposure to the sun and the thinness or dryness of the skin around the eyes are its causes and it has also been said that squinting, laughing, frowning and other facial motions cause them. But these actually only accelerate the development of the wrinkles and worsen their appearance.

Delaying the inception and reducing the severity of the crow's feet is possible even if their emergence is inevitable. Through advances in modern technology, many methods have already been formulated and discovered to hold off the appearance of the signs of aging. But technology does not stop there; there are still many more methods that are being developed which are likely to be helpful.

Preventing the occurrence of crow's feet is impossible. But there are sensible practices that have been established which will delay their appearance. Wearing good sunglasses and a hat when you go outdoors is one sensible practice because it helps minimize squinting when the sunlight is too bright and it also provides protection for the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Another sensible practice is applying of a good moisturiser at night which will help keep the skin hydrated by replenishing and locking in its moisture and lipid content. And to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which not only aggravate wrinkles but cause skin cancer, premature skin aging, and age spots as well, applying a good sunscreen in the daytime is advised.

Thin and extremely delicate skin is around the eyes. Harsh handling, like rubbing or scrubbing and stretching the skin vigorously around the eyes, could possibly damage its structure. Skin should always be handled with care. Select eye make up with gentle ingredients and apply it with care. Applying astringents and similar preparations around the eyes could strip lipids. These could also cause eyesight problems and should be avoided.

Avoiding crow's feet and keeping the skin young is easier if you have a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle means getting lots of sleep, plenty of good exercise, going to places where there's lots of fresh clean air, avoiding too much alcohol intake, not smoking, and eating the right amount of the right kind of food. This will benefit the entire body, not only the skin.

Anti aging creams specially made for the treatment of crow's feet are already available. Components that encourage skin renewal like retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids are components of these anti aging creams. Non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic Botox and Restylane injections are available for advanced cases. There is also laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, and plastic surgery.

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