Restylane Treatment Benefits

Published: 19th March 2009
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Because it paralyses muscles underlying the wrinkled skin that is treated, botulinum toxin injections could affect facial expressions and movement. Because it involves removing excess facial skin and then re-draping and stretching the remaining skin over the face and neck, face lifts, more often than not, make the face look unnatural. This means that the results of these anti ageing treatments can be less than optimal. And because of this, dermal fillers like Restylane are becoming more popular.
Restylane is manufactured by the rapidly growing biotechnology/medical device company Q-Med AB in Sweden. It is an injectable gel that makes skin appear more youthful without creating an unnatural look and without affecting facial expression and facial movement. By replenishing the skin's natural stocks of hyaluronic acid and stimulating its production of collagen, it improves the skin's elasticity and texture and reduces the prominence of lines and creases.
A substance that naturally occurs in the skin, hyaluronic acid, is the active ingredient of Restylane. It acts by binding water to the skin, thereby hydrating it. There is an abundant supply of hyaluronic acid in youthful skin. However, as the skin ages, change in the distribution and function of the hyaluronic acid in it occurs. As a result of those changes, the signs of aging such as loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles gradually appear.
Restylane is administered in a procedure that does not take long. Because of the minimal downtime involved, it's a perfect fit for a busy and dynamic lifestyle. You also get instant gratification because the results of Restylane treatments can be seen right away. Of course, it goes without saying that a qualified medical professional must administer any Restylane treatment to make sure that it is properly done.
A look that you may regret in years to come because your face gradually changes shape as years pass, or one that you did not like in the first place, is something that you would not want to be permanent. Here, Restylane gives you a definite advantage in terms of flexibility and control over your looks because its rejuvenating and shaping effects are not permanent, although these are instantly visible and long lasting.
The administration of hyaluronic acid involves using a small needle to inject suitable amounts into each line and wrinkle, a process which is painful. Mild burning and stinging sensations during treatment sessions have been reported. A topical anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection is required in most cases. Side effects have also been associated with hyaluronic acid treatments. These include pain, infection, allergic reactions, and scar formation.
The hyaluronic acid that Restylane contains is unique. It closely resembles the hyaluronic acid naturally found in the skin and is not extracted from animals. There is a significant reduction of risks such as inflammatory reactions, disease transmission, and allergies, to the point where these are virtually non-existent, because of its uniqueness. That is why many people worldwide have confidence in Restylane. 10 years' worth of clinical evidence attest to the safety and effectiveness of Restylane.
Restylane is expensive. All dermal fillers are. A single treatment can cost thousands of dollars and more than one treatment may be necessary to get the look that you want. Factor in the fact that the effects of Restylane treatments are not permanent so that treatments need to be repeated about every three to six months to maintain the results. It can add up to a really hefty amount. This is a consideration that must not be left out when selecting an anti ageing treatment.

Author's Note: Experts agree that Restylane is one of the most effective treatments that can help reduce the occurrence of facial lines and wrinkles. For information on other anti aging treatment options, you can go to

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