Top Tips for Budget Family Holidays in Poland

Published: 26th February 2009
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Spending family holidays in Poland can put a strain on your budget. However, like in any other activity, there are ways to cut down on expenses while still touring the Polish historic landmarks and having a memorable vacation in Poland.

One thing you can do to save on your trip to Poland is to lease a cheap rental car rather than join group tours. This way, you won't just save on transport. You'll get to choose where you shop, eat and sleep, too, so you can pick options which better fit your budget.

Booking a cheap car hire also means you can make the most out of your vacation in Poland, particularly since you can spend as much time as you want admiring each World Heritage Site. You can spend more quality time with your family, too.

You can also cut down expenses on your family holidays in Poland by leasing private rooms, pension houses and apartments instead of spending each night at a hotel. You can stay at a hostel, as well, if you like, though you have to keep in mind that most school groups stay in them, too.

You might want to consider having your meals at out-of-the-way cafes or milk bars, too. Milk bars are like the Polish fast food restaurants and therfore, serve cheap food, while still allowing you to sample the local cuisine and culture.

Shopping is part of every trip, and is therefore bound to be a part of your family holidays in Poland. To save, skip the stores in Warsaw and buy your souvenirs in quaint little shops away from the city proper. You're guaranteed to find better trinkets to bring home with you while enjoy better bargains.

Last but not least, try not to schedule your trip to Poland during the peak season, particularly July and August. During these months, it will be harder to find cheap accomodations. You'll have to find your way through crowds at the tourist attractions, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your family holidays in Poland and look forward to the experience of a lifetime. Cutting down on expenses doesn't mean cutting down on the fun, after all. As long as you get to spend time with your family in one of the best tourist destinations in the world, you're still bound to have a journey to remember.

Isabella Olsen is a writer for various travel magazines who has toured global tourist destinations by car. To book your Poland car hire or learn more about car rental worldwide, visit

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